"As a place to dine, no better natural setting, surrounded as it is by ever changing panorama of hill and dale, could be found within easy reach of Hartford. From Farmington Avenue to the Bloomfield Road to Tariffville on the line of West Hartford Center, there is no more attractive vista as the evening shadows gather on Talcott Mountain. As the sun sinks behind the ridge, with the Heublein Tower in silhouette against the skyline, the ground from Mountain Road directly west of the homes rises in tier after tier of wooded slopes broken by open fields. From these slopes runs a brook which is a particular and impressive part of the landscape of the course. It was the ravines and waterfalls of this brook, as well as the great elms and oaks, that gave scope to the work of Donald Ross, the Architect of Wampanoag Golf Course. In the last eighteen holes, a player may rest in the cooling shadows of these trees as he passes from one tee to another. One feels that he is in the great park of a landed estate."

William B. Goodwin
President, Wampanoag Country Club
May 1, 1928


A great deal has transpired since the above words were written in the inaugural report by the first President of Wampanoag Country Club. Wampanoag is among the best layouts in Connecticut and has remained mostly untouched since the clubs inception in 1924. Famed Course designer Donald Ross sculpted a championship course on this beautiful park-like piece of land. Donald Ross is widely recognized as the leading golf architect of the 20th century - and quite possibly of all time. He is best known for his simple designs that use the existing natural landscape to challenge golfers of all skill levels. Born in Scotland in 1872, Ross spent much of his adult life in the United States. He was involved in designing or redesigning close to 400 courses from 1900–1948, laying the foundation for America's golf industry, including Wampanoag, in 1924.

The greens are rated among the most challenging and fastest in Connecticut. The Club has traditionally been a golfer's club with a high percentage of low handicap players and a very active golfing membership. Wampanoag has hosted more than 20 major championships and is still a preferred site for championship tournaments. Wampanoag hosted the 2005 Women’s State Open Champion and our own Elizabeth Janangelo successfully defended her title.

The Club is a wonderfully vibrant and social place. Wampanoag’s mission to maintain a relaxed golf atmosphere is enhanced by the club’s tradition of having no tee times. This is a time honored policy that sets our club apart from all others. Members are encouraged to come to the club and join the first available group of golfers.

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